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Fire Hydrant Flow Test Software - Full Summaries in Minutes... HOW?

  • RECORD TEST DATA - Fire Hydrant Flow Calculator

    Enter data for up to 3 hydrants as you conduct your flow test. Record your pressure and fire hydrant flow data directly on a smartphone and our fire hydrant flow test software will calculate the distance between your hydrants.

  • STREAMLINE - Fire Hydrant Flow Testing

    Optimize your water fire flow testing process with automatic calculations that include a graphical display of both the raw data and an associated safety factor curve. Keep your data securely in the cloud including pressures, locations, time of fire hydrant flow test and your own project specific notes.

  • SEND - Fire Hydrant Flow Calculations

    Create your professional flow test summaries minutes after the test is completed. Download summaries in a concise and effective PDF from the field. Use your default email client to send summaries straight from your smart-device.

Powerful Fire Hydrant Flow Chart & Graph Generation

Let our fire hydrant flow test software engine calculate everything for you automatically at the project site. Summaries come with an N1.85 graphical water supply curve, along with the rest of your NFPA-mandated data.

Securely store your flow testing data

Keep your flow test data organized by project name and/or number of your choice. Collaborate with others through notes for each project. Securely store your data for future reference.